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Episode 28 - NWSLPA president Tori Huster talks NWSL CBA

Episode Notes

Washington Spirit legend and NWSLPA president Tori Huster comes on the show to guide Jason through all things NWSL CBA after the players and league reached a landmark agreement just before the start of preseason.

We talked over the process of getting the CBA done, and went over how the ways the NWSLPA's demands will benefit players going forward. Tori also provided an injury update as she works to return to the field this year.

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Episode 27 - Talking about the champs with Lori Lindsey

Did you hear that the Washington Spirit won the NWSL championship? Well, they did!

Lori Lindsey joins the show this week to talk about the Spirit's NWSL Championship victory on a micro and macro level, plus we dig into the trade that sent Tegan McGrady to San Diego, Lori's experience playing for Kris Ward with the Spirit, and more!

If you're interested in that merch I talked about near the end of the show, here's the link I was verbally guiding you towards before remembering after recording that I could just link to it in the show notes.

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Episode 26 - NWSL Championship preview with Southside Trap and a ghost

Sandra and Claire from SST are on the show to talk us through what the Spirit can expect from the Red Stars in the NWSL final

Sandra and Claire from Southside Trap are on the show to talk us through what the Spirit can expect from the Red Stars in the NWSL final. Plus, there's a ghost, because that's just a normal Plex Weather thing to happen.

Follow Sandra on Twitter, and check out her work with CBS (including Attacking Third, which has been providing great NWSL content on the daily).

Follow Claire on Twitter as well, and check out this piece she wrote from Louisville, talking tactics with both teams at media day.

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Episode 25 - Cicada Weather

That long-rumored episode about cicadas? It exists, and features about 25% of the Spirit's roster!

After being delayed briefly by production problems and then for months by Bad News, the Plex Weather episode that is actually entirely about cicadas is here! 25% of the Spirit's roster — Aubrey Bledsoe, Tori Huster, Anna Heilferty, Andi Sullivan, Jordan DiBiasi, Ashley Sanchez, Paige Nielsen, and then Jordan DiBiasi again — talked to Jason about Brood X, which took over the DMV this summer.

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Episode 24 - Andi Sullivan returns

Spirit captain Andi Sullivan is back on Plex Weather to talk about last week's playoff win, Sunday's semifinal against OL Reign, and more!

Andi Sullivan is back on the show to talk about the Spirit's first playoff win since 2016, Sunday's semifinal against OL Reign, and much more!

If you have the means and want to help out with Set The Expectation, check out their site for ways to get involved!

Plex Weather twitter: @PlexWeather Jason's twitter: @JasonDCsoccer

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Episode 23 - Golden Boot winner Ashley Hatch

Plex Weather returns, with the NWSL's top goalscorer joining in as a guest ahead of the Spirit's first playoff game in five years

Plex Weather is back, just as the Spirit are back in the playoffs! Jason is joined by NWSL Golden Boot winner Ashley Hatch to talk goalscoring, the NWSLPA, baking, and to help preview the Spirit's playoff game (did we already discuss the playoffs? The Spirit are in the playoffs!) against the NC Courage.

Before that, a quick discussion of the latest report from Steph Yang and Pablo Maurer at The Athletic about the ongoing process of the team being sold, as well as just an appreciation of how the Spirit are still going after what has been a bonkers three months.

Here's the piece Jason wrote on Hatch's goals this year.

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Episode 22 - A little more turmoil + KC preview with Cindy Lara

The show is back to preview an actual, real-life Spirit game...but not before we go through some bad news first

Episode Notes

We're back, and with a real game to talk about! But first, still more turmoil, with the Spirit's workplace culture, the Spirit Squadron's protest, the official news of a second forfeit, and a suspension all on the docket in the first segment. Then, Cindy Lara joins the show to help preview KC NWSL, who the Spirit will get to play in an actual, real-life soccer game.

00:00 - 20:27: 1st segment (the bad news) 20:28 - 42:11: 2nd segment (Cindy Lara interview)

Molly Hensley-Clancy's piece on the Spirit's office culture:

Spirit Squadron statement:

Listen to Cindy's show The Tea(L) here:

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Episode 21 - Further turmoil with Steph Yang

The Athletic's Steph Yang joins the show to talk about the Spirit's postponed game & the appointment of Ben Olsen as club president

Episode Notes

The Athletic's Steph Yang joins the show to talk about the Spirit's postponed game & the appointment of Ben Olsen as club president.

Follow Steph on Twitter @thrace and find her work covering NWSL at The Athletic. Here's her latest, which also coincidentally uses the word "turmoil" because...well, it's a good word for the Spirit right now:

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Episode 20 - Molly Hensley-Clancy

Washington Post investigative reporter Molly Hensley-Clancy joins the show to discuss her recent reporting of the Spirit's varied off-field troubles

Episode Notes

As promised, here are all the relevant articles brought up in this episode, which are must-reads:

Molly's reporting at the Washington Post on the abuse allegations against Richie Burke (content warning: verbal/emotional abuse) and her piece written with Steven Goff on the Spirit's ongoing ownership struggle.

Kelsey McKinney's piece on what went down between Spirit supporters, the team, and event staff at Sunday's game.

The episode of the Butterfly Road podcast in which Lindsey Horan talks about the body-shaming experiences she had playing for Farid Benstiti. (content warning: body-shaming)

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Episode 19 - Paige Nielsen returns

Paige Nielsen is back healthy and back on the show, plus some thoughts on the win over the Courage & Sunday's game against Gotham

Episode Notes

I referred at least once to this piece from B&RU that I co-wrote with André Carlisle, so let's start there.

0:00 - 9:05: Intro + thoughts on the NC win 9:06 - 29:15: Paige Nielsen interview 29:16 - 40:10: Preview of Sunday's game against Gotham + Outro

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